Tips for choosing a bookie

Tips for choosing a bookie

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Sports betting has had a great growth and demand in recent years. Its connection with sports, the possibility of earning money as well as keys to increase popularity in this activity are very attractive. If you identify with these, then it is important that you know how to choose a sports bookie.

Nowadays, you can place bets both online and in physical bookmakers. Whichever way you like, you need to take into account some important points before selecting where to bet.

The danger of betting in an illegal or scam Bookies are real and unfortunately, there are quite a few illegitimate betting websites on the internet, which have the objective of stealing money.

In this article, we want you to know the 5 tips for selecting a sports Bookie. In this way, if you take this activity as a hobby, it will be useful to be sure that you are not losing capital in the hands of scammers. Without further ado, let's begin!


First of all, when making sports bets you need to be responsible and know that betting regularly, that is, in the long term, it is normal to suffer capital losses; in any case, the bets are games subject to chance.

So it is essential, as a recommendation, that in no case should you bet more money than you have, since there is a possibility that you lose.

Taking bets as a hobby from time to time implies greater possibilities of recovering the investment and more. On the other hand, betting constantly has the risk of losing the capital more frequently, since there are possibilities against you.

Well, now that you are aware of the above explained, what is a Bookie? Roughly speaking, a Bookie is an entity that facilitates the betting game, most commonly in sporting events, currently, the one that is most booming, is football: it establishes the odds, accepts and places bets and pays the winnings in the name of other people.

So the goal of a sportsbook is to balance the books by adjusting the odds as much as possible so that there is an equal amount of people betting winning and losing.

Let’s see below the tips to choose the best sports Bookie:

  • Welcome bonuses
    Welcome bonuses are designed to attract new players, being an aid to introduce them to the operation of a bet.
    It is important that you check the regulations of the country of residence to know if the welcome bonuses apply, since many countries do not allow welcome bonuses for bets and casino.
  • Reputation
    Very similar to what happens in online stores, reputation is a decisive factor when selecting a bookie.
    If the image of the bookie has positive customer feedback, the bookie may be the best choice for your first investments.
    In general, if they are online bookies, there are web pages in charge of analysing their operations through reviews, opinions, among others.
  • Must be licensed in the country of residence
    It is important that, depending on the football bookmaker you choose, it operates legally and has a license number.
    This document comes from a regulatory entity, such as a Ministry of Consumer Affairs. For example, in Spain, legitimate bookmakers are approved by the DGOJ. On the other hand, all legal websites through these entities usually have an updated list on their annual validity.
    If the website you arrive at to bet or go to a sports Bookie in the country of residence and does not have a license number to operate legally, try not to invest capital in it.
  • Profit margin per bet
    It is essential to choose a bookie that operates with the minimum possible margins, because they want to obtain a high return. The best sportsbooks define their margins according to the probability of the results.
  • Payment method
    The way to pay must be through known and legal electronic wallets.


There are many methods to win in soccer betting; among them is knowing everything about bookies and betting in general. On the other hand, it is advisable to use the head for these operations, but how?

Gambling, like the casino, is pure mathematics, it is probability; if you calculate the range of possibility in which you win money, surely you can increase it and play safely. Clearly, not everyone can afford to do those calculations every time they play, which is why Sportstipspro exists.

Sportstipspro is a method that uses mathematics to help punters. In this way, you can be sure of what you are doing without having a dangerous margin of error. This type of interface is reliable, being the perfect resource to find the best opportunities and earn money in sports betting.

On the other hand, this is recommended to avoid over betting, an action that can harm the way you play, even with mathematical operations.

Over betting is playing with the amount of money due, making the chances of it being in your favour less than what you are giving, regardless of whether you have higher odds of winning.

This has to do not only with attributing more money than you have, but betting on markets that you have not studied. Sportstipspro can help you increase your profit margin through maths, and if you are mindful of the amount and play a market you know, you will have profitable bets that can increase the more you use it and become more familiar with its technique.

What are you waiting for? Try Sportstipspro and make it your favourite ally to win sports bets!

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